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Raising the Bar of Data Literacy

Creating unique data learning experiences through group team events.

Data Literacy Meets Adventure

We provide virtual escape room experiences that are specifically designed to improve data literacy. The interactive virtual training environment is a fun and effective way for players to learn the knowledge, techniques and mindset they need to work effectively with data.

We don’t think that learning to use data should feel like sitting a maths exam. The Data Escape Room puts people at the heart with a focus on “learn by doing”. Each immersive scenario allows teams to explore different types of data, working together to solve problems, make decisions and achieve their ultimate goal of escape.

The Values that Drive The Data Escape Room

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the responses to some of the queries we’re often asked. If you haven’t found the solution to your question, get in touch with the team.

1. What is the ideal team size for the Data Escape Room?

The escape room is designed for teams of 4 to 8 participants, promoting collaboration and fostering diverse perspectives.

2. Do I need prior data knowledge to participate?

No prior data knowledge is required. The escape room caters to individuals of all skill levels, making data literacy accessible to everyone.

3. How can businesses integrate the Data Escape Room into their training programs?

Businesses can opt for tailored corporate packages, integrating the escape room experience into team-building events or data literacy workshops for employees.

For larger groups, speak to our team to request training for your trainers so they can roll out the training program across your organisation.

What Learners have been saying...

The Values that Drive The Data Escape Room

Data literacy for all

Making learning fun

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Make data informed business decisions

Inclusive team building experience

Meet the Leadership Team Behind The Data Escape Room

Elizabeth Lamb
Elizabeth Lamb

Managing Director

Gareth Cullen Jones
Gareth Cullen-Jones

Head of Relationships

Phil Greenwood
Phil Greenwood

Head of Product

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