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Escape into the World of Data

Break free from conventional learning and immerse your team in an escape room experience that will revolutionise your data literacy skills.

Data Literacy Learning Solution

Experience an interactive and captivating virtual learning session that spans half a day. Led by a seasoned data learning facilitator, this multiplayer game encourages small groups of 4 to 8 players to grasp the fundamental concepts of data. Through gamification techniques and imaginative scenarios, participants immerse themselves in a memorable and enjoyable learning journey.

The program includes an extensive consolidation and reflection session that enables learners to connect their newfound knowledge with their specific business requirements. Practical guidance on applying these lessons in real-world situations is also provided.

During this immersive experience, players will acquire the ability to identify various methods for analysing and interpreting data while understanding their respective advantages and disadvantages. They will also gain insights into common pitfalls encountered when working with data.

Choose Your Scenario

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Imprisoned in the dungeon, your team must rely on the data discovered to make strategic decisions that will secure freedom for yourselves and fellow captives. Can you make sense of the data to help your team escape?

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Outer Space

Your interstellar mission to clean up space debris is on the brink of disaster. Analyze the available data and strategise to maximize your success. Swiftly repair your spaceship before it’s too late!

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Environment – Coming Soon

Get ready to weather the storm of negative publicity caused by an environmental press report. Collaborate as a team to assess your current environmental standing and devise an attainable ‘net zero’ plan. Act swiftly before your stock value plummets.

Gamification with a hands on learning approach

Gamification with a hands-on learning approach

Immerse yourself in an all-encompassing scenario that encompass various data activities and ignite curiosity in your organisations ability to exploit value from your data. Experience firsthand how these scenarios will resonate with your unique goals and objectives.

Challenging and approachable for non-technical employees

A skilled facilitator leads the teams, providing guidance and ensuring comprehension of all subjects covered. The content presents a unique opportunity for non-technical personnel to engage in a stimulating and comprehensible learning experience.

Additional Learning and Guidance
Your Data Literacy Adventure Awaits

Get ready for an exciting half-day data literacy experience

This engaging exercise is designed to foster collaboration and delve into the fascinating world of group decision-making. It offers participants valuable insights into how individuals respond to and interpret data, promoting teamwork along the way.

Multi-player immersive gaming across the globe

Join our dynamic and interactive virtual learning platform where players from across the globe can connect and collaborate. Experience the thrill of multiplayer interactions with up to eight participants, no matter where they are located.

Real time Data Escape Challenge
Session Debrief

Expert facilitator led training and comprehensive debrief to reinforce learning

Immerse yourself in expert guidance and a thorough discussion to solidify your newfound knowledge. A seasoned data consultant will skillfully draw connections between the exercise and real-life work scenarios, shedding light on valuable lessons learned. During this interactive debrief, you'll uncover opportunities for continued growth and reinforcement of your skills.

Confidence in handling data among all participants

By the end of this transformative data literacy learning experience, attendees will feel empowered with enhanced skills that enable them to make well-informed based on the data available within their businesses.

Confidence in handling data among all participants

Topics Covered Include

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